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Sweet Vee Q-40 Composite Airplane.

Design and tooling by Jerry Small.

Redesigning one of his airplanes from 10 years ago, Jerry Small set out to create an airplane that takes off, lands and flies perfectly. With over a year in airfoil testing, refining and tooling work, we think Jerry succeeded in his quest.

With the success of the NINJA Q-500 model from Adrenaline Products, Jerry teamed up with Will Naemura to manufacture his creation. With the same goals as the NINJA – to create a world class model that is fast to assemble, highly competitive and reasonably priced, the Sweet Vee succeeds on all counts.

• Designed and mold work created by Jerry Small
• Aluminum wing mold by Fred Burgdorff
• Airfoil developed with Mark Allen, longtime Dr. Selig associate
• Fast to assemble, easy to fly, take off and land
• Manufactured to be the best, available to everyone!

Q-40 Sweet Vee Composite Details:

• White fuel proof base coat. Flawless enough to go straight to paint,    trim or decals
• All tie down holes drilled and tapped
• Firewall factory installed with an aluminum jig fixture before fuselage
is removed from mold. Motor mount holes drilled and blind nuts
installed. (Jett mount – not included)
• Removable “V” tail for easy travel and shipping
• Minimal fitting of engine cover
• Uses 2” spinner to help with engine counter balance
• Wheel pants provided
• Wing and stabilizer use smooth, slop free skin hinges
• Hardware package includes wing and stab bolts, ball links, motor
mount / firewall bolts, landing gear
• Items needed to complete model – Jett Motor Mount, Jett or Tetra tank,
Helsel Wheels, radio, engine, aileron linkage, push rods
• Rugged Shipping Box designed for re-shipping of models to contests

Flying Set Up:

CG – 2-1/16”
Throws – aileron and stab = 1/8”

Price: $550ORDER HERE